Wing Shooting

Wing shooting bird hunting info South AfricaFor those who pursue this fine sport, we have more action than you can handle!

Although South Africa is not quite yet a popular wing shooting destination, it offers exciting bird hunting opportunities with a huge variety of bird species available to hunt.

Combine your hunting safari with a few days of wing shooting!

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Quick wing shooting info:

Wing shooting bird hunting info South Africa

WING SHOOTING AREAS: Limpopo, Northern Cape
LIMPOPO SPECIES: Upland game birds some of which are guinea fowl, quail, doves, Flancolin, Spur fowl and Sandgrouse.
NORTHERN CAPE SPECIES:Waterfowl game birds some of which are White faced duck, Egyptian goose, Spurwing goose and Knob billed duck.
ANIMALS: Upland game birds/Waterfowl game birds
WEAPON: Shotgun
LEVEL: beginner/skilled/advanced/expert