Dan Hudick, Colorado, USA

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Dan Hudick, Colorado, USA International Client June 11, 2018

Africa had been on my bucket list since I was a kid. By the time I was 60 I realized it wasn’t going to happen simply due to my self-imposed job constraints as a business owner. Then my son won a raffle for a 3 animal hunt with Lianga Safaris at a charity event that Lianga had so generously contributed to, and I said ok, if you are going, I’ll go too. We were concerned about traveling to Africa and we couldn’t tell much about Lianga from the web site but we knew people who had traveled to South Africa and they said go, you will love it, so we committed to going. My daughter and son in law also joined us but left a week earlier so they could see Cape Town and then they joined us as guests of the camp just to observe. It’s not possible to overstate how impressed I am with the entire experience. We felt like the most welcomed guests of any place I’ve travelled to over my 62 years. Herman and Annette made sure that the trophies were outstanding, we ate the game each night that we harvested the prior day, prepared to perfection by the trained staff. Our lodging was wonderful, and again, maintained down to laundering our clothing daily, to perfection. Annette catered an individual site seeing safari to Kruger for my daughter, son in law and me and personally toured us through the park for 3 days and 2 nights. She made sure we experienced everything available to us in the park to perfection. She photographed, with the skill of a professional photographer our entire trip and provided us with electronic photos of the whole experience. We shared evenings together in the lodge telling story’s, laughing and discussing everything from the history of South Africa to our own personal experiences in life. Herman demonstrated the skills acquired over a lifetime of hunting and tracking by personally escorting every hunt, which resulted in amazing trophies and true stalking and hunting memories that will last a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their family, with little Herman and Michelle joining us for meals and listening intently to the conversations. Before the trip to Lianga we visited Cape Town and it was spectacular as well, but it was truly the magical time at Lianga that made us all fall in love with Africa! Dan Hudick Colorado, USA
Amanda & Joe Hoffman, Dan Hudick
Lionell Hudick with his Kudu
Lionel Hudick, Blue Wildebeest
Lionel Hudick, Blesbuck
Lionel Hudick, Nyala
Lionel Hudick, Impala
Lionel Hudick, Warthog
Lionel Hudick, Gemsbuck
Lionel Hudick, Bushpig
Hudick family looking at Elephants bathing in the Olifants River lookout in Kruger National Park
Dan & Amanda posing at the elephant statue at the Elephant Museum in Letaba, Kruger National Park